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Automobile Accidents

According to the Kentucky State Police’s report on traffic collisions, there were 721 fatal traffic collisions on Kentucky’s public road in 2011. Based upon the statistical data collected and analyzed by KSP, approximately one in 137 Kentucky Residents was injured in a traffic collision in Kentucky.

In addition to damage to your vehicle, many auto accident victims suffer medical impairment, pain and suffering, a need for future medical treatment, as well as lost wages. All of these things can be recovered through insurance, if handled properly. Unfortunately, most auto accident victims think that the insurance company makes their best offer right off the bat and so they settle. The attorneys at James E. Davis & Associates, PSC are here to ensure that you get the maximum amount available to you, either through a fair settlement or trial.

Don’t forget that an insurance agent isn’t on your side! It is their job to keep costs for the insurance company low. They do this by quickly settling claims for much less than they are worth.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact an experienced lawyer that handles this type of claim on a daily basis.

The attorneys at James E. Davis & Associates, PSC take pride in representing wrongfully injured people. We understand that getting to know our clients means we have a better understanding of their needs when settlement discussions occur. It is our goal to provide excellent service to all clients and make sure that clients are informed at every stage of their case.